How would you exclude all extension-less executable from your repo?
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In last post, I expressed how we can export a single file from a git repo the its own repo, preserving their commit history. In this post, I will tell how I dealt with extension-less file to ignore them in my repo. I have recently started learning C++ from Udemy, it’s a free course. I encourage you to take it if you are willing to learn C++. I was following the instructions on Linux.

Extract a File from Git Repo to its own, Preserving the History
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Today I will walk through how you can take out a single file from a git repository and create its own repository with all the file commit history preserved. When I started working at my workplace I initialized Maya script directory to git. At that time one repo was looking enough for entire folder. But when I started working with a tool, I realized an entire repo would be good for that tool.

Blending Modes Explained
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This documentation assumes knowledge of channels. And terminologies are for Foundry Nuke; as same operation have different names over different packages, but the work is same. Multiply Multiply multiplies each channel information of one image to another. The result is subtractive as we multiply.. Plus Plus adds pixel value from background to the foreground. Screen The screen is a conditional operation. It multiplies if pixel if higher than 50% threshold and plus if the value if the value if lower than 50%.

Nuke Optimization Tips
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Nuke is a very powerful VFX tool in the industry. But at the time of learning, people often don’t pay attention to the optimization. Which left them with relatively longer render times. Note: Not every point can be followed. Do whatever is possible. Hardware Related Get Two Hard Drive When you read footage from the hard drive, and write/render to the same hard drive, you actually make hard drive do double the work.

Merge more than one Commits before Pushing
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When I first came to know about this, I was like: I didn't know I can merge more than one commit into one until I read this: #Git #WebDev #Programming — Santosh Kumar (@sntshk) January 4, 2017 What is Squashing The process of merging commits together is called squashing.ย There are many commands to do the same thing, but I will discuss the one I learned. There’s a read more section below if you want to know more about this topic.

Digital Compositor Checklist
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Below is a list of procedures a compositor should follow. I also have a blog post compiled of optimization tips, which should work as side document to this post. Distortion Evey footage has some sort of distortion. Not dealing with distortion before 3D integration can result in catastrophic disasters. It’s good to first undistort the background plate > do the CGย integration > use the same undistortion data to re-distort the whole output.

mental ray shader terminology explained
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Although newer version of Maya have incorporated Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer. NVIDIA’s (formerlyย mental images) mental ray is still used in production quality rendering. People coming from Maya’s basic shader e.g. Phong, Blinn, Lambert don’t get daunted watching the mental ray shaders. So today I’ll explain what they actually mean. mental ray materials in Maya **mi -ย **mi is short for mental images, the facility in which mental ray was developed.

Get rid of Flickering during Shoot
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Every videographer once in their career gets in a situation where they face flickering of video,ย especially in low light situation. This guide will help you get out of that situation to some extent. Adjust the Shutter 180-degree shutter rule says to keep the shutter double of the fps. So that if we’re shooting at 1920x1080@24fps,ย our shutter should be minimum 48. Most camera won’t let you go down to 48 but you can round-up, safely.

Move Item to Next Row on Resize with Flexbox
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In this tutorial, I’ll show how to make items of a flexbox to go to the next line on the window resize. There comes a time in life when you need to create layouts where block snaps to next line when the window is too narrow. This is a best practice in responsive web design. The Setup Let’s get started creating a skeleton for our experiments: 1 2 3 4 5 6 <div class="flex"> <div class="item">HTML</div> <div class="item">CSS</div> <div class="item">JavaScript</div> <div class="item">MongoDB</div> </div> As we have the skeleton, let’s start designing.

What is Illegal Character \8220 & \8221 Error Messages and How to fix it
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Today I was reading an e-book on Java programming language and enjoying and learning from it. Every thing was fine until I reached up to arrays section. The problem from that exercise was a bit long, so instead of typing the whole code I decided to copy and paste, and then compile them. As soon as I typed: javac I got not one, nor two but a whole bunch of 100 errors.