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Get rid of Flickering during Shoot

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Every videographer once in their career gets in a situation where they face flickering of video, this happens in a low light situation. This guide will help you get out of that situation to some extent.

Adjust the Shutter

180-degree shutter rule says to keep the shutter double of the fps. So that if we’re shooting at 1920x1080@24fps, our shutter should be minimum 48. Most camera won’t let you go down to 48 but you can round-up, safely.

Also note that slower shutter produces motion blur, which is bad for tracking.

Are you Shooting a Screen

Then adjust the refresh rate if possible. For windows, this is located somewhere in the graphics driver setting. I’m worried about the Mac users as I don’t find any way to adjust it.


I hope this quick tips helped you today. If it did, please follow this blog and share this post. Speak you mind in the comments section. :)

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar
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