TDD Approach to Create an Authentication System With FastAPI Part 3
· β˜• 15 min read
If you are following this series from start, you know that we can already create user from our API. But we have our tests failing right now, which is kind of smelly. In this post, we takle with the problem in our hand and discuss some methods we can do it with. One of them is dependency injection.

TDD Approach to Create an Authentication System With FastAPI Part 2
· β˜• 15 min read
In the last post in the series we did the project setup and seen some FastAPI basics along with red-green-refactor mantra of TDD. In this post, we talk about setting up the database and and implementing the user registration.

Create Thumbnail Worker With S3 and Lambda: Make the Thumbnail
· β˜• 9 min read
In the last post in this series, we saw how we can execute a piece of a code when something is uploaded to the S3 bucket. We saw all the configuration we might have to go through. We also saw how we can test our trigger manually and automatically when object is uploaded. At last, we also came accross a trouble and shooted it. In this section, we will continue our venture.

Wildcard Domain Certificate Using Route53 and Let's Encrypt
· β˜• 14 min read
Today I'll go through how get and configure a HTTPS certificate from Let's Encrypt for all the subdomain. I have already posted about how we can automate installation of Jenkins & Nginx with Ansible. I have also done a post where I talk about how to enable HTTPS on a non-wildcard basis i.e. only for the root domain and not on subdomain.

A TDD Approach to Creating an Authentication System with FastAPI, Part 1
· β˜• 7 min read
I have been tinkering with this new framework and have a little bit of experience with FastAPI as of now. What I've though of is to do a post about authentication and authorization. I'm sure going to do a registration and login system and nothing fancy this time. I am going to use JWT as authorization mechanism.

General Lifestyle Tips and Tricks for Programmers
· β˜• 4 min read
You know what is difference between a senior software enginner and a junior? One of the diffrence is that senior develop organised thinking over the span of time. Why not practice it from the start?

Create Thumbnail Worker With S3 and Lambda: Test the Trigger
· β˜• 7 min read
In this post, we are going to see how we can use existing AWS infrastructure to create thumbnail for uploaded images. In this venture, we are going to use S3 trigger to execure Lambda function to do whatever we want. But in this case, we'll create thumbnail so that we can save on some bandwidth when only a smaller version of image is required on the frontend. So let's get started.

Getting Started with Ansible as a Fullstack Developer
· β˜• 18 min read
I don't claim to be a DevOps expert. I just know some basic ssh and scp, that's all. I have done whatever server configuration till date by ssh'ing into instances and then configuring them by hand. But now-a-days I feel like spinning up and destroying a server has increased in my life style.

How to Spin Up Your Own VPN on Ubuntu 20.04
· β˜• 8 min read
There are a plenty of VPN providers out there. What's common between all of them? You can't trust them. They may have a no-log policy but as a company, there is always a tendency that they might share our browsing data to some third party. In this post you'll learn how you can spin up your own VPN with Amazon AWS.

Port Forwarding and How to Do It With SSH
· β˜• 2 min read
In this short post, I will show how we can forward port from a remote host to a local computer. We will forward a port from AWS EC2 to local computer with openssl.

When User Data Scripts Are Not Enough, Create a New Image
· β˜• 7 min read
I have been using AWS with Terraform to provision my development instance on AWS cloud. When I wanted to configure dotfiles, change SSH port and configure some cron jobs, I hit a bottleneck. I literally was not able to do those tasks with user scripts because they had no effect. That was the time when creating custom image of the distro came into my mind.

Microservices and AWS
· β˜• 6 min read
This is my rundown of AWS's whitepaper about Implementing Microservices on AWS. In this article I talk more about micrsoservices and less about AWS. I also talk about paths already engraved around microservices. So, without further ado, let's get started.