Optional Parameters using Functional Options
· β˜• 5 min read
In Python we can set some parameters to default by doing option=True. But in Go we don't have that. In Go we do things differently. In Go we compose one function out of multiple helper functions. In this post we are going to explore the world of variadic function.

Sending POST Request in Go with a Body
· β˜• 3 min read
Sending a POST request in Go is not an easy cake. One need to structure every piece of data being send. Today I'm gonna show how you can make a little easier.

Dynamically Insert Version Info From git tag to Your App
· β˜• 5 min read
There are two options, either you put version info in code and then use that in automation to create git tag. The another way is to let git tag drive the version info in the compiled application. In this post we see the later option.

Introduction to WebAssembly with Go
· β˜• 6 min read
In simple words, WASM let's us use code in browser, which is written in other language. The twist here is, that language does not have to be JavaScript or Node. It could be languages such as Python or Go. Today we see how we write code in Go to run that in browser environment.

Continuous Integration and Deployment to Beanstalk With Docker
· β˜• 4 min read
Docker makes it easy to develop and deploy application, reducing friction between the processes. And ElasticBeanstak is a great platform build upon EC2 infrastructure which provides provisioning capability without much effort.

Introduction to BoltDB
· β˜• 5 min read
Some of the features of BoltDB is... It's ability to do concurrent reads. It's nature of being Go native, which means it can compile where Go can compile. Read more about it in the post.

Unit Testing, Test Coverage and CI with Travis in Go
· β˜• 7 min read
In this post, I talk about why TDD is important. Why it is essential part of build process. I also talk a little bit about test coverage and having more coverage is always better. I also provision a Travis CI pipeline to test same application in different environments.

2019 In a Review: Colemak, Code Reviews and More
· β˜• 5 min read
This year was a transition period for me from a career perspective. I was hearing, understanding and practicing stuff like microservices, fault tolerance, cross-site deployment, REST APIs, software deployment system, agile development and attending meetings & training sessions with the people on the other side of the planet.

Switching to Hugo This New Year
· β˜• 8 min read
Earlier on, I was decided on to giving my website a go backend, but I later thought it was an overkill to use golang as a backend for a personal website and I should keep that enthusiasm for a real app. But for now, I'll use a static site generator called Hugo for blogging.

Run Unit Test Before Every Commit with pre-commit Hook
· β˜• 3 min read
Why wait for CI/CD services to run your test? And in case you've already submitted a pull request, you'll have to push another commit to fix the cause of failed test held by CI provider. You can prevent that by running unit tests locally before every commit.

Cycles Rendering Checklist for Faster and Clear Renders
· β˜• 4 min read
We'll see how we can create better renders and how render times can be reduced by merely changing some factory settings, and also what prices we might have to pay for that optimization.

Software Testing and Test Driven Development
· β˜• 3 min read
Every little software grows big, trying to solve more problem regarding its particular domain. It faces bugs in the way which also needs to be taken care of. As software grows big. It becomes harder to go and test if every part of the software is behaving the way it should...