Git Submodules Basics and How to Replace One Submodule With Another
Git Submodules Basics and How to Replace One Submodule With Another
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Suppose you are working with softwareA which depends on libraryA, instead of copy-pasting the libraryA over and over again when a new version of the library is released what we can do is use submodule to make this process DRY and elegant.

Run Unit Test Before Every Commit with pre-commit Hook
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Introduction Why wait for CI/CD services to run your test? And in case you’ve already submitted a pull request, you’ll have to push another commit to fix the cause of failed test held by CI provider. You can prevent that by running unit tests locally before every commit. I’m building my website using the golang. On every git push, Travis CI runs test and create a docker image and pushes it to DockerHub.

How would you exclude all extension-less executable from your repo?
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In last post, I expressed how we can export a single file from a git repo the its own repo, preserving their commit history. In this post, I will tell how I dealt with extension-less file to ignore them in my repo. I have recently started learning C++ from Udemy, it’s a free course. I encourage you to take it if you are willing to learn C++. I was following the instructions on Linux.

Extract a File from Git Repo to its own, Preserving the History
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Today I will walk through how you can take out a single file from a git repository and create its own repository with all the file commit history preserved. When I started working at my workplace I initialized Maya script directory to git. At that time one repo was looking enough for entire folder. But when I started working with a tool, I realized an entire repo would be good for that tool.

Merge more than one Commits before Pushing
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When I first came to know about this, I was like: I didn't know I can merge more than one commit into one until I read this: #Git #WebDev #Programming — Santosh Kumar (@sntshk) January 4, 2017 What is Squashing The process of merging commits together is called squashing.Β There are many commands to do the same thing, but I will discuss the one I learned. There’s a read more section below if you want to know more about this topic.