Unlocking Docker's Power With Go: A Developer's Perspective - Part 2
· β˜• 12 min read
In this blog post we continue our last post for most advanced use cases. We talk about managing docker containers in which we talk about spinning a container, listing, starting, stopping, and removing container. We talk about using docker network. We talk about streaming adn retrieving logs from docker container. We also cover docker working with docker volumes using Go. At last, we talk about error handling and best practices.

Unlocking Docker's Power With Go: A Developer's Perspective - Part 1
· β˜• 11 min read
The Docker Go SDK, also known as the Docker Engine API for Go, is a powerful toolkit that allows developers to interact with Docker and perform Docker-related operations using the Go programming language. It provides a set of APIs and functions that enable seamless integration with Docker, empowering developers to manage Docker resources, automate tasks, and build Docker-centric applications.

How to Write Classes in Golang
· β˜• 3 min read
If you're a Python programmer looking to learn Go, you'll be happy to know that Go has a similar concept to classes called "structs". Structs are similar to classes in that they allow you to define a custom data type with its own fields and methods.