Benchmarking in Go, with Example
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Introduction From The Zen of Go: If you think it’s slow, first prove it with a benchmark Don’t assume if things are slow. Benchmark it and see if they are really slow. One thing to note here is benchmarking a program is different from profiling a program. Benchmarking is the way we check how fast our algorithm is for a given unit of the program. In benchmarking, we typically see how many iterations can a piece of code can run in a given time.

Nuke Optimization Tips
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Nuke is a very powerful VFX tool in the industry. But at the time of learning, people often don’t pay attention to the optimization. Which left them with relatively longer render times. Note: Not every point can be followed. Do whatever is possible. Hardware Related Get Two Hard Drive When you read footage from the hard drive, and write/render to the same hard drive, you actually make hard drive do double the work.