Hello there.

I'm Santosh Kumar,

a Software Engineer.


More About Me

I was drawn to computers since my school days. As a fun fact, I used to skip schools to learn programming. Since I started working, I have worked in diverse set of industries such as VFX, DeFi. From a technological viewpoint, I have worked with centralized as well as de-centralized applications.

I also contribute to community by asking questions on stackoverflow.

Aside from work, I also like to read and sketch. Current books I'm reading are The Clean Coder

I've got some skills

Programming languages

Go, JavaScript, Python, Java

Framework & Technologies

Docker, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, JWT, WebSocket, Ansible, AWS, Linu, Jenkins, GitLab, P2P, gRPC

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    Work Experience

    April 2022 - Present


    Full Stack Developer

    Part of foundation team. Developing with team the core system of the NuNet platform. We enables a compute provider to onboard their unused compute power and get compensated based on compute power used. We use Go, IPv8, libp2p, Python, Docker, Cardano and many fascinating technologies.

    February 2021 - April 2022

    Company 3

    Full Stack Developer

    Design and development of a employee management system. Worked on frontend written in Vue.js and backend in Flask. For data storage we chose MongoDB and for CI/CD Jenkins and Docker. It was a fat client and made heavy use of SVG diagram.

    May 2019 - February 2021

    Method Studios

    Pipeline Developer

    Maintained existing inhouse tools. Mostly dealing with API provided by DCC software.

    May 2018 - May 2019


    Technical Artist

    Used Python and Qt to develop tools to make artist's work easier.


    Wanna say Hello?

    Download my CV, or reach me through LinkedIn.

    I would be glad to hear from you!