About Me

Hi, my name is Santosh Kumar. Iā€™m am working in a VFX firm named Method Studios as a Fullstack Developer.

As a Fullstack Developer at Method, my task is to develop industry grade application to facilitate bussiness inside the company. The primary language we use is JavaScript. Me with my team use Vue, MongoDB and Python to develop such application. Python is also the first language I went deep in.

Apart from my day job, I am very keen towards backend technologies and microservices.


From the start, I have been self-taught. I started with writing static web pages at school. Then I felt the need to adding dynamic features to those pages, so I learned PHP which was dominating the market at that time.

I grew a lot of attraction towards computer programming and open-source when I read How to Become a Hacker by Eric Raymond. I started practicing Python and Linux from way back then. That document also emphasizes on community practice and for so I have been active in communities like GitHub and StackOverflow. I got an enormous chance to enhance my Python skills since most of DCC packages already used it.

With passion for web development, I chased technologies related to web. Picking up golang because it language of the era, just like Python was.

This website is my personal space where I share experiences of my personal and professional life.

Currently I am working on various opportunities and projects ā€¦

  • working with Method Studios as a Fullstack Developer
  • preparing for AWS Certified Developer
  • searching for job opportunities in backend development (golang preferred) to elevate my skills