Why Use WSGI/ASGI When We Have Nginx?
· β˜• 4 min read
Why use ASGI/WSGI between Python application and nginx when Python application can directly communicate to nginx? Why is that middle man needed? These were the questions that came to my mind when I was dabbling with FastAPI and I have to install uvicorn to host the Python application. Whereas Python itself can open a port and listen to incoming request.

__str__ vs __repr__ in Python and When to Use Them
· β˜• 3 min read
In Python, the __str__ and __repr__ methods are used to define human-readable and unambiguous string representations of objects. Both of these methods are called by the str() and repr() functions respectively, and the goal of each is to provide a string representation of the object in question.

How to Write Classes in Golang
· β˜• 3 min read
If you're a Python programmer looking to learn Go, you'll be happy to know that Go has a similar concept to classes called "structs". Structs are similar to classes in that they allow you to define a custom data type with its own fields and methods.

__init__ vs __new__ and When to Use Them
· β˜• 5 min read
I recently got asked to me what did __init__ dunder method did in Python. And I was like, "it is used to initlize variables inside a class". And just after that the followup question was, "then what is __new__ used for. And I was completely blank.

I Tried Open edX and it's Awesome
· β˜• 7 min read
This is a quick post where I talk about getting started strategies with Open edX as a developer. In this post I am documenting the process of edx installation on my local system for evaluating.

This is how OOPs and Mocking are related to Dependency Injection
· β˜• 12 min read
There are a few words, like unit testing, integration testing, mocking, dependency injection, object oriented proramming which are all related to each other. In this post I'm going to talk how, and then it will start to make sense to you.