What I've Learnt as a Self Taught Programmer Till Now
· β˜• 2 min read
I have been an independent programmer for a long time. Like 5-6 years at the time of writing this? Recently been employed with Xentrix Studios, an animation studio based in Bengaluru, as a pipeline developer. Today I want to share what changes I've felt in these recent years.

Making a Switch to KDE and zsh
· β˜• 3 min read
Today, I talk about the selection of packages which I use on a daily basis. From the day I started using Linux, I was mostly using these two stuffs. Bash for shell, and GNOME for desktop environment. But that have changed now. Let find out more.

Advance Interface Topics in Blender
· β˜• 4 min read
This is kind of a manual for new Blender user which I compiled up when I was learning Blender. First of all, when you're switching from Maya, you'll find the interface a bit alien. Blender has an option to behave like Maya, but in long run, that's not gonna be productive. So let's get started...

How would you exclude all extension-less executable from your repo?
· β˜• 2 min read
While learning to program in C++, have this though ever cross your mind that how to exclude all the binary file created with 'make source'? This has happened with me. And that is the reason which inspired me to write this post.

Blending Modes Explained
· β˜• 2 min read
Back in time when I used to see Photoshop's layers section, there was a list of things named like Darken, Multiply, Screen and so on. They used to change the color when that particular layer was placed on some other layer.

Nuke Optimization Tips
· β˜• 2 min read
Nuke is a very powerful VFX tool in the industry. But at the time of learning, people often don't pay attention to the optimization. Which leaves them with relatively longer render times.

Merge more than one Commits before Pushing
· β˜• 2 min read
The process of merging commits together is called squashing.Β There are many commands to do the same thing, but I will discuss the one I learned. There's a read more section below if you want to know more about this topic.

Digital Compositor Checklist
· β˜• 3 min read
Here I present a list of procedures a compositor should follow while composing his shots. I also have a blog post compiled of optimization tips, which should work as side document to this post.

mental ray shader terminology explained
· β˜• 1 min read
Although newer version of Maya have incorporated Solid Angle's Arnold renderer. NVIDIA's mental ray is still used in production quality rendering. People coming from Maya's basic shader e.g. Phong, Blinn, Lambert don't get daunted watching the mental ray shaders. So today I'll explain what they actually mean.

Get rid of Flickering during Shoot
· β˜• 1 min read
Every videographer once in their career gets in a situation where they face flickering of video, this happens in a low light situation. This guide will help you get out of that situation to some extent.

Move Item to Next Row on Resize with Flexbox
· β˜• 2 min read
In this tutorial, I'll show how to make items of a flexbox to go to the next line on the window resize. There comes a time in life when you need to create layouts where block snaps to next line when the window is too narrow. This is a best practice in responsive web design.

What is Illegal Character \8220 & \8221 Error Messages and How to fix it
· β˜• 2 min read
Today I was reading an e-book on Java programming language and enjoying and learning from it. Every thing was fine until I reached up to **arrays** section. The problem from that exercise was a bit long, so instead of typing the whole code I decided to copy and paste, and then compile them.